Dr. Trey J. Hilt, D.C.

From: Saint Francis, KS
Graduate of Cleveland Chiropractic College of Kansas City
Nationally Board certified in Chiropractic and Physiotherapy.
Cleveland Chiropractic Clinical Excellence Award
Techniques include: Prone-Specific, Diversified, SOT and Kinesiotaping.

Hello, I’m Dr. Trey Hilt and I am here to help you.

My interest in Chiropractic began at a young age after watching my mother go through abysmal back pain following child birth. After seeking the traditional medical route the pain was still there in full force. She was recommended to the Chiropractor and her first visit resulted in tremendous relief! I was intrigued that such a “bizarre” profession could help where traditional medicine had failed.

My urge to become a Chiropractor increased following a rotator-cuff tear in my shoulder during wrestling. Again, the traditional medical route was started only to be supplanted by an opinion from a Chiropractor that would later become a mentor and advocate for me to get involved with this profession. We started treatments and not only did getting my shoulder and neck adjusted help me to continue competition, we were able to avoid the surgery that was recommended to me. Though the process took some time, I regained full strength and was able to strengthen the joint through a rehab protocol initiated and completed with my Chiropractor.

I attended Cleveland Chiropractic College in Overland Park, KS and was a leader in American Chiropractic Association – Sports Council. Some of the activities that were presented to me as a result included teaching different topics to my peers. The topics covered included: treatment protocols for athletes, the ten most common sports injuries, how to prevent injuries in high school athletes, and surgical rehab processes.

One of my favorite opportunities included a trip to the NFL rookie scouting combine in Indianapolis where I was able to learn advanced treatment protocols and interact with the official team Chiropractors of many NFL teams.

Chiropractic may not be for everyone, but I have found more often than not, we can help you.